Saturday, May 4, 2013

City Mouse, Country Mouse (Part I)

I love the city.  The connectedness.  The people.  The noise of conversation.  To the Irish, craic.

And so, with some shock, I moved to the middle of nowhere.  Which is to say, 25 minutes from the airport, and 40 minutes from downtown Atlanta.  But, for miles around in every direction: trees and farms.

We moved to a community called Serenbe.  It's a new urbanist development nestled into 1,000 acres of preserved woodland.  Today, though, isn't the tale of Serenbe.  This story is our story.

I work from home and, when our daughter was born, our house had one too few rooms.  After 6 months, I grudgingly agreed to look at several homes in Grant Park (Atlanta).  We made an offer on one.

It was a great house: good size, great systems, good design.  But.  There's always a but.  It was the big house in its part of the neighborhood.  During one of our walk-throughs (unbeknownst to us at the time), there was a break-in a block away and four would-be burglars got in to a shoot-out with the home owner.  This house was the big one in its section of the neighborhood.  And it just looked like a big house (2500 sq. ft.).  I knew we would be broken in to.  If its just me?  Fine.  City life; it happens.  Wife and newborn daughter?  Nope, not an option.

So, due diligence period: we're somewhere in Atlanta and I make what I think is a sardonic comment, "Let's visit Serenbe."