Tuesday, May 7, 2013

City Mouse, Country Mouse (Part II)

At the end of Part I, our hapless hero made an off-hand comment that changed his life.

Five minutes after my comment about visiting Serenbe, I found myself in the car heading there.

After some initial objections to heading down, I couldn't provide Robin with any valid reason why we shouldn't visit.  (The casual observer should note that the list is short for "valid" reason not to do something.  Facts in evidence show she is always right, but that doesn't mean I have to embrace the concept at the time.  She continues to be smarter than me.)

So, we get to Serenbe and its the "small town America" you imagine.  A general store, restaurants, shops, homes.  A Montessori school, with a charter school planned for fall of 2014.  14 miles of walking trails through the woods.  Horse pastures.  Feral children with chocolate ice cream smiles.  It's the place you looked for and didn't know existed.

Everyone knows their neighbors.  They We stop to talk on the street.  Friends invite you onto their porch during your walk when cocktail hour arrives.

From my first visit, I came back every day for the next 3 days.  We rented a place.  We started working on plans to build a "forever home."  We looked at a lot of the homes for sale, but none of them quite fit what we needed, with place for family, for baby-that-is-here and for baby-that-may.

I found craic in the country.  It's good people and good conversation.  Taco Tuesday in nature.  A place where children run wild and learn independence.