Friday, May 3, 2013

Laying the Foundation

I'm starting with the foundation because that's where you should start.  I'll work backwards to eventually cover where we live (Serenbe), why we moved here, and some of the story leading up to the images you see below.  And I'll continue to document the process as we build our house.

Despite some ominous weather, the crew was out yesterday pouring the concrete.  We knew the forms were down and assumed they were waiting for an inspection.  But we didn't expect they would do any work yesterday.  We were pleasantly surprised, though, to get a photo our future neighbor sent of them pumping concrete into the forms last night at 5PM.  The concrete set up overnight, and this morning the crew was out today setting up their forms for the foundation walls.

When I walked over at lunch today, they were measuring for their forms and were starting to put the rebar in place.  I snapped a few photos of them working to build the basement walls.

From the back corner of our lot.
Another one from the back of our lot.
And this one from the street.
I'll go back over at the end of the day and take a few more pictures of their progress.  The only negative?  Rain forecast for the weekend and early next week.

The permit boxes they use in Serenbe.  Also a new addition since yesterday.  The other side faces the street, where they put the lot number and the builder/architect information.